Berry wins RMGA Championship flight

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rick Berry shot a two-round score of 145 for the title in the Championship Flight of the Riverside Men's Golf Association Club Championship.

Berry's rounds of 68 and 77 edged Kevin Riley and Nick Hagen by one stroke. Jason Collas was fourth, and John Fugate finished fifth.

Dave Fleig was the A Flight club champion. Fleig shot rounds of 77 and 78 to defeat Jake Hassinger by two strokes. Bill Hassinger was five strokes back for third, while Brent Corey finished fourth, seven strokes behind Fleig.

Steve Thompson was the B Flight club champion with rounds of 89 and 79 for a 168 total. Jeff Waite was runnerup, three shots behind Thompson. Gale Alderman was third.

Mike Moe edged both Joe Slatter and Shawn Uschan by one shot to earn the C Flight club championship. Moe had rounds of 89 and 92.

Matt Micek shot rounds of 72-75 to win the Senior Flight by four shots over Mike Lansing. Mike Oliver was third.




145—Rick Berry, 68-77. 146—Kevin Riley, 74-72; Nick Hagen, 75-71. 148—Jason Collas, 71-77. 149—John Fugate, 74-75. 152—Dustin Frohne, 78-74; Blair Schmeiser, 72-80. 155—David Diece, 82-73; Jerry Rabbach, 77-78. 157—Gary Polglaze Jr., 78-79.


155—Dave Fleig, 77-78; 157—Jake Hassinger, 77-80; 160—Bill Hassinger, 77-83; 162—Brent Corey, 81-81; 163—Greg Mullen, 81-82. 164—Randy Krueger, 85-79. 167—Paul Burkholder, 83-84. 170—Brent Kern, 85-85. 171—Jeff Brault, 86-85; John Husen, 85-86.


168—Steve Thompson, 89-79. 171—Jeff Waite, 86-85—171. 174—Gale Alderman, 86-88. 175—Tim Anderson, 91-84. 178—Jim Kirchner, 93-85. 179—Dan Bloom, 93-86; Jeffrey Luek, 85-94; Dave Larson, 85-94. 181—Jeff DeGarmo, 94-87; Cliff Wakefield, 90-91.


181—Mike Moe, 89-92. 182—Joe Slatter, 89-93; Shawn Uschan, 92-90. 188—Wayne Yearwood, 86-102. 192—Peter dePoutiloff, 94-98. 194—Nigel Davies, 102-92.


(Handicap included)

147—Matt Micek, 72-75. 151—Mike Lansing, 73-78. 153—Mike Oliver, 78-75. 155—Jim Crawford, 81-74—155. 157—Jimmy Mead, 77-80. 159—Larry Schumacher, 80-79. 160—Roger Burdick, 83-77.

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