Your Views: Defunding social programs a result of endless war

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letter to the editor
Saturday, December 9, 2017

“Let there be peace on earth” was a treasured and frequently mentioned hope when I was growing up. The deprivation, death and destruction of a genuine war to save freedom took a heavy toll on the world, and people wanted no more of it.

In the age of unregulated, unprincipled capitalism, more than half our nation’s budget is dedicated to war and sale of war instruments to all sides. Peace is rarely mentioned as people seem to forget Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Somalia and Yemen never invaded the U.S. the way Japan did. Some vague terrorist element that attacks everywhere anytime and morphs constantly into some new foe has to be fought in a different way. How will we ever know when the war is over?

The result of unending war is deficit spending and eventual defunding of all helpful social programs. People will be devastated. People will die for no good reason.

They can be sacrificed because they are not big campaign donors. How they end up is not the concern of Rep. Paul Ryan or Sen. Ron Johnson, nor will it ever be until a universal basic income and affordable health care are guaranteed to all citizens. Then watch the sparks fly.




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