Your Views: GOP tax plan could trigger huge cuts to social programs

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rep. Paul Ryan, your tax cut bill results in a significant deficit. Simply put, this means that the tax cuts are not paid for. Is it correct that because the bill has deficit spending, it comes under the regulation of the pay-as-you-go law, which prohibits deficit spending?

Is it true that the pay-as-you-go law will require automatic cuts to programs that benefit the elderly or others in need?

Is it true that Medicare would see automatic cuts of more than $25 billion immediately and each year thereafter once the tax cut bill is in place? Is it true that other federal programs will experience automatic cuts without regard to need?

Is it likely that if people are over 65, disabled, a foster child, a farmer, a construction worker, someone needing addiction services, living on a fixed income or a Meals on Wheels recipient, they will experience cuts to their income, health care or needed services? Because of the deficits your bill creates, will you take steps to reverse the automatic pay-as-you-go program cuts to protect those impacted unfairly?

When were you going to announce to the general public and especially the elderly and others impacted by these cuts the devastation your tax bill creates for them?



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