Sound Off for Wednesday, Dec. 13: CEO pay, ugly sweaters and Milton seclusion

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Compiled by Gazette staff
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On Sunday story, “Compensation questions” (Page 1A): I feel blame should be placed on nonprofit board members who agree to big-dollar, CEO compensation. Consumers be wise: If fiscal responsibility concerns you, then research and find those charities or health care systems that meet your expectations. Consumers have power if they use it.

--The ridiculous high salary of Tom Den Boer is the reason I quit the YMCA years ago. His performance is not worth even close to the $271,000 that he is paid.

--Something smells at the Y. The pay for the top dog is 10.5 percent of the budget. The board needs to get their act together.

On Saturday Ugly Sweater Run: I think that it’s great that they’re raising the money for the people with disabilities but hope they aren’t giving the sweaters to them. They have enough to overcome already.

On Milton School Board member Brian Kvapil: He has been quoted as saying he is all about finding solutions to Milton’s space needs, even though he did not support the recent referendum. However, he continues to only criticize every action of the district. It is ‘oh so easy’ to take shots at others ideas and actions. It is much harder to work to offer solutions. Let’s hear something positive and new from him for a change.

On Dec. 1 story about Milton seclusion incident: The school should have notified the mother. If the child had a fever, the mother would have been contacted. Allegedly putting a young child out of control in a small space with the concrete block walls could be a safety risk if a child, out of frustration or fear, pounded their head or fist against the wall, breaking bones.

--Let me get this right, The Gazette publishes a front-page news story about a naughty child from a one-sided Facebook rant from his mother. Apparently, this bad behavior has been blamed on others for some time now. Nice news story, Gazette.

On Nov. 19 front-page photo of hunters: I agree 100 percent with the hunter who has been hunting for 65 years (Sound Off, Dec. 6), but also it looks like one of the guns he has between his legs is pointing right towards one of the kids.

On Sen. Al Franken resigning: Franken’s resignation speech came right out of the Clinton sex-scandal playbook. First, call the accusers liars. Second, brag about how you stood up for women’s rights. And if that doesn’t work, use the Clinton get-out-of-jail free card, claiming you’re the victim and just blame everybody else.

On House Speaker Paul Ryan: If he had a spine and moral character, Paul Ryan would stand up to our unstable and unfit president who is placing our country in grave danger on so many levels. Instead, the very weak speaker focuses on providing tax breaks to his very wealthy political donors. Shameful.

On a possible chemical reaction: I’m trying to find out exactly what the chemical is that’s sprayed on all the hills along the roads in the Janesville area. What is in the chemical, and is it harmful to the aluminum wheels on our vehicles? It seems to me that when they spray this solution and it gets on your wheels, the clear coat comes off your aluminum wheels.

On the Monterey Hotel: This beautiful building was once a thriving landmark with the Orleans Restaurant. It’s too bad that the Hendricks family didn’t buy it. Has anybody seen what they have done for Beloit?

On Monday “thumbs down” to scant attendance at Medicaid hearing: That is a totally bogus, offensive ‘thumbs down.’ They don’t want people to attend these meetings. The state doesn’t because they want to cut Medicaid. With the amount of people that are in poverty on Medicaid in this area, it should have been advertised a couple weeks ahead of time and then had the meeting at a more central location, like the library or some place downtown. So ‘thumbs down’ to the Gazette on this one.

On “White Christmas” at Parker High School: Bravo to all of those involved in the production of Parker High School’s ‘White Christmas.’ What an amazing show. Perfect job, everyone.

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