Your Views: Gazette’s view on area jobs ‘very laughable’

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You made a big mistake in your editorial (“Outsiders get region’s story wrong again,” Thursday) about the Dec. 4 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on Janesville and Rock County.

I’ve taken your paper since the 1960s when I lived in Plymouth Township. My family was Farm Family of the Year in the 1970s, and you covered my auction in the Feb. 16, 1982, issue. When I was on the Parkview School Board, you covered our meetings. Now you don’t cover anything in Plymouth Township.

We moved to Janesville in 2016 and like it here. Your paper has a real good sports coverage.

Your reporting on jobs is very laughable. Dollar General is a bad place to work, per six people who talked to our family.

I talked to a home builder, and he told me he builds good homes in Janesville, but the people don’t work here.

My cousin’s neighbor builds homes, and he can build only two to three per year. Why? He can’t hire workers as they have left the state for better wages elsewhere.

Check your schools, and you will find a big percentage of kids on free lunches due to low income of their parents.

You would hear more from poor, working class people in your Sound Off, but they don’t read the newspapers.

Janesville is a nice place to live but not to work. The governor has made it that way. Pothole Wisconsin.

People at the Game Day Bar really were laughing at your editorial.





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