Your Views: New hunting rule sends wrong message to children

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letter to the editor
Thursday, December 14, 2017

I was sickened and also saddened to see the photo of a very young child with a gun (Nov. 22, Page 2A) sitting next to a dead deer, which she supposedly shot and killed and was being praised for her achievement.

What are we thinking now when children of any age can use a gun and learn that to shoot and kill an animal is a fun sport? What is even more ridiculous is that since Gov. Scott Walker eliminated the minimum hunting age, hunting licenses are being sold to infants.

Are we just plain lazy or are we so devoid of creative ideas for children’s activities that the only solution we can think of is to introduce them to guns, teach them to shoot at targets and then progress to killing living creatures?

If kids need to chase and run after something, let them train for a marathon. If they have a need to shoot something, have them do it with a camera. If they want to practice cleaning something, how about starting with their rooms?

Why not take them for a hike in the woods down by the lake or along the riverbank? Teach them about their amazing environment, sky, earth and sea.

Discourage any fascination of guns, shooting or trophy seeking, and instead encourage kids to develop a desire to learn about all living beings and how these incredible creatures enrich our lives and should be protected and cherished with love and respect.



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