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Word Badger

Digging into the words we use and how we use them with reporter Frank Schultz.
Word Badger: Some days, the right words don't come easily
Concerning Jets, Sharks, Vikings, Cougars and "West Side Story"
Word Badger: What happens in JanesVegas ...
Word Badger explores a bit of local whimsy.
Word Badger: Advice for those family newsletters
What is the plural of your family name? Are you sure?
Word Badger: Looking at how cops talk
The world of law enforcement is full of jargon.
Word Badger: And now some good words from our military
The National Guard recently posted some interesting advice for soldiers.
Word Badger: Some back-to-school words to the wise
A local school on Wednesday posted on Twitter definitions of rude behavior, mean behavior and bullying.
Style is a choice, not a question of right or wrong
What's the correct way to write? It depends.
Girl's journalistic effort impresses
I recently sat down to be interviewed by a 9-year-old girl.
Word Badger: Typos and other disasters
Word Badger takes a look at a corrective sent out by a world-class university.
Frank Schultz: Clouds are funny things
Word Badger has a new favorite acronym.