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Walters: On gerrymandering case, you be the judge
You’re a U.S. Supreme Court justice hearing arguments in a major case from Wisconsin, so put on your robe.
Walters: Rep. Barca is latest shown Democrats’ leadership door
It just seems that Democratic legislators dump their leaders every 10 years. It’s not a law or the result of a full moon. It’s usually happens after a leader casts a vote that upsets their peers.
John W. Eyster: How will Foxconn fare in Wisconsin?
John W. Eyster: How will Foxconn fare in Wisconsin?
John wonders if Foxconn's deal with Wisconsin will become a "transformational step for our state."
John W. Eyster: Constitution Day marked Sunday
John W. Eyster: Constitution Day marked Sunday
Sunday was U.S. Constitution Day, marking the 230th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.
Walters: To Foxconn chairman, please address these doubts about your project
You are poised to become Gov. Scott Walker’s partner in either turning southeast Wisconsin into a Midwest Silicon Valley, or Wisconsin’s version of mythical con man Harold Hill, who had residents of an Iowa hamlet donate money for a town band. It was a Broadway play and movie, “Music Man.”
Walters: These highway-funding ideas became road kill
Wisconsin is envied nationally for its fully funded public employee pension system but mocked for not having a long-term plan to maintain and rebuild its aging highways.
Walters: Foxconn options unclear for Democratic governor
A Wisconsin governor plans a major, costly economic development deal with the Legislature’s support. But a governor of the opposite party gets elected, killing the deal.
Walters: 10 questions about Foxconn making lawmakers squirm
With an Assembly vote on the Foxconn deal tentatively scheduled for Thursday, here are 10 questions that have every legislator squirming.
Steven Walters: GOP senators seek $712 million for DOT they distrust
Why did Senate Republicans last week want to borrow $712 million more for the state Department of Transportation to spend on highways over the next two years?
Walters: Homeowners' court victory creates uncertainty for property assessments
The state Supreme Court ruled July 7 that penalizing homeowners who don’t open their homes to government appraisers violates the U.S. Constitution clause prohibiting illegal searches.

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John W. Eyster: How will Foxconn fare in Wisconsin?